Kidney Disease - Are You at Risk ?

Your kidneys are the most important organs in keeping your blood and fluids in balance. They filter out excess water and wastes out of your blood. This would now result in the formation of urine to be taken out of your body system through your urinary tract.

When you have kidney disease, it means that your kidneys are damaged, wherein, they will not be able filter blood as they normally did. This then results in wastes to build up in your body. This can also lead to other complications that harms your body.

Most people with kidney disease did not know they had the condition because kidney damage often occurs slowly over many years. Often, this condition is a result of the person having uncontrolled high blood pressure or diabetes. This is called chronic kidney disease. On the other hand, acute kidney injury occurs when a person's kidneys suddenly stop functioning due to an illness, an injury, or because of taking certain medications.

Anyone can develop the condition, regardless of race or age. If you have diabetes, or high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, or a family history of kidney disease, you are at risk for kidney disease. Talk to your health care provider about getting tested. With early detection of kidney disease and the soonest you start with treatment, it may be able to help delay or prevent kidney failure.

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