Cancer of the Urinary System

Cancer of the urinary system occurs when cancer forms in any of your urinary tract organs. Cancer can happen in any of the urinary tract, but often it affects the kidney, bladder, and the prostate gland in males.

Cancer occurs when cells comprising the organs, divide uncontrollably to form new cells. These newly developed cells can form a mass called tumor. This tumor can grow large to the extent that it can compress other nearby organs. Sometimes the cancer cells go out and travel through the blood or lymph and can cause cancer to other organs. This spreading of cancer cells is called metastasis.

Urinary tract cancer is best managed when it is found in its early stages when it has not spread to other organs. Also, successful treatment of cancer affecting the urinary system depends on the age and overall health of the patient and whether cancer cells have affected other organs

The following are some of the common cancers affecting the urinary system.
Bladder Cancer
Kidney Cancer
Prostate Cancer (Affect males only)
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